Adding FB Pixel tracking and other Ad Tracking IDs

Is anyone using pixels to track your social/search ads?

We noticed that with On-demand webinars we aren’t able to track events on the lobby page because after registration, the lobby page is skipped and the registrant is sent right into the webinar. We are looking for a work around and wanted to see if anyone else had a solution. We are also wondering if anyone has successfully be able to add more than one FB pixel to your registration/lobby pages.

Would love to discuss! Thanks!

For tracking on-demand webinars you could create a page on your site with an instant auto-forward that included any tracking code that you wanted, this is similar to how most referral-type sites work in retail where you jump through 2-3 tracking sites before you land on the final page. You would just need a page setup on your site with the tracking code you wanted and then code to have that page automatically forward them to the on-demand event.

I haven’t done any FB pixel tracking on our pages, so someone else might have more insight there.

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@miles.szkoda.1, @jocelyn.robertson, have either of you used the Tracking Pixel option outlined under Partner Referrals? I’m attempting to leverage, but running into execution issues.

Sorry Mary, I haven’t.

Hi @mary.3 - yes, we have tried it once and it worked out. Happy to answer any questions that I can for you.